Don & Cassie's Place - Life in Big Canoe

Shoo FlyWe live in Big Canoe, Georgia, about 70 miles north of Atlanta in the North Georgia Mountains, with our dog Harry. This is our Cabin home on Wake Robin Drive. It is surrounded by trees and overlooks a mountain.


DeckWe are between two mountains and the view from our deck is quite nice. In the fall we are treated to a show of colors when the leaves change. We seldom get snow but a dusting now and then creates a nice scenic view in the winter.

PetitThere are several lakes in the community and the largest has pontoon boats that you can rent. Fishing is big  with an emphasis on trout and bass. The marina provides bait and the necessary tackle if you don't have your own.

Living in the Woods 

  Wake robin

 On any given morning there will be Deer in our front yard eating the shrubbery and plants. On occasion, we have had bears in the yard too. It is not uncommon to see a Momma bear with her cubs combing through to leaves in front of our house looking for food. We have had a large male bear come up our front porch and stand up and growl. That was interesting to say the least. We have numerous wild Turkeys that take over the roads and put on a show for all of us during mating season. Squirrels are abundant and provide many hours of amusement.